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  • Leadec Canada

    With safety as our number one priority, we specialize in equipment maintenance, facility management, installations and relocations, finished vehicle logistics, technical cleaning, spare parts management (MRO) and many other industrial services.

Your Service Specialist

Leadec is the leading global service specialist along the entire life cycle of the factory and the related infrastructure. For 60 years now, we have been providing customers in the manufacturing industries with support along the entire factory life cycle: from planning, installation, and automation to operation of the factories and buildings. We are active at more than 300 locations around the world - often directly at the customer's plants and facilities. As a true service champion, our services ensure that production runs smoothly. We never stand still to keep your plant in motion.


Because our promise is: We love your factory.  

The factories are our home

We uniquely combine the knowledge, network capacity and performance of a global player with the personal support of a regional partner in your location. We are able to draw on our knowledge and expertise from many countries, enabling us to provide the right solutions for your business to use its full potential. Get to know Leadec's services in Canada.

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  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Support
  • Project Services

    Leadec provides professionally managed project services that are customer-centric, innovative, and cost-effective.

  • Vehicle Processing

    With our services, we at Leadec ensure that your vehicles reach their destination safe and sound, even after production.

  • Production Equipment Maintenance

    We plan, realize and organize customized maintenance concepts for technical and administrative processes.

  • Relocation

    We relocate complete manufacturing lines and individual production units – on schedule, safely and through a successful and accepted inspection process.

  • Equipment Installation

    Leadec specializes equipment installations that includes final electrical, mechanical and/or controls connections to make sure your projects succeed.

  • Turnkey Conveyor Integration

    Leadec is your partner for full-service, turnkey conveyor integration solutions.

  • Electrical Installation

    Complete electrical services from a single provider. We assemble, install and wire entire manufacturing facilities, individual production units and safety-related elements.

  • Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO)

    During the production process, materials and supplies are consumed which do not become part of the end product. We tailor our maintenance and repairs strategy exactly to your company. Our experts are there to help you with preventive maintenance.

  • Technical Cleaning

    Dirt and technical facilities are not compatible. With our services we support you in caring for and cleaning your production in the best possible way.

  • Technical Facility Management

    We take care of operation, maintenance, inspection and repair of your building services systems or develop tailor-made concepts for modernization. Also, we rectify faults in the shortest possible time.

  • Logistics

    Perfect your internal processes. We handle all logistical tasks inside and outside your production buildings professionally and reliably.

  • Talent Acquisition

    In staffing, Leadec handles the recruitment process for our clients.

About Leadec

Leadec Canada is a company of the Leadec Group, headquartered in Germany. We uniquely combine the knowledge, network capacity and performance of a global player with the personal support of a regional partner in your location.




on 4 continents


billion euro (2022)

We are Leadec

Our mission is to provide leading-edge services to manufacturing companies. Become part of our team and share the supportive spirit of Leadec!

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